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green habits are great habits.


"the property of being environmentally sustainable; the degree to which a process or enterprise is able to be maintained or continued while avoiding the long-term depletion of natural resources"

if you've ever seen Zac Efron's Netflix show "Down to Earth", I highly suggest checking it out. not that we need an excuse to look at Zac Efron on a big screen, but the show was really eye opening. Zac explores all of these different countries & their environmentally conscious practices, the affects such practices have on the quality of life in the community & also the impact these practices have on the planet as a whole. after some more research, I found that according to the Environmental Performance Index (aka a sustainability grade) the U.S. ranks alarmingly low compared to the rest of the world...


so, once I finished the series, I made it my mission to implement more sustainable practices into my every day, something I should have done a long time ago. I'm trying to be more aware of my impact on this planet, becoming more aware of my habits; what could I change to be more green. I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite brands I have found.


a friend-of-a-friend, Ruby Sinclair, is making some pretty gorgeous clothing. don't get me wrong, I absolutely love thrifting. but I think we can all admit, owning something that's never been worn feels different than someone's hand-me-downs. Ruby "thrifts" vintage fabrics & then hand sews tops, skirts, scrunchies, even masks. they are all beautiful pieces. (I myself own a few!) she uses environmentally-friendly practices & packaging. she even adds the cutest little note which you can plant to turn into flowers. a small, woman-owned business that makes beautiful clothing, stunning. check out girl of the earth online & instagram.


I'm so grateful that my parents are open minded, they too wish to live more environmentally conscious lives. we swapped plastic bags out for these super cute, easily washable, (re)zip bags. not only a great alternative to plastic bags, (re)zip is partnered with Terracycle, a company that repurposes worn out products to make new ones. go upcycling!

a certified "Green America" company, bees wrap makes a washable, reusable, & compostable alternative to plastic wrap. made from organic cotton, tree resin, & jojoba oil, it's pretty cool to see how natural resources can be morphed into something found in most households.


I am slightly obsessed with my Joco cup. made from glass & silicone, super easy to wash, this little thing replaces my plethora of otherwise thrown out single use coffee cups. (I may be a caffeine addict). it even has the take-out style top which I love.

you can buy many styles & sizes of these cups on Joco's website, I got mine through Package Free, a local NY based business dedicated to zero waste products & practices. they have a shops in Williamsburg & Chelsea, but they also have an online shop.


biodegradable phone cases made from naturally derived sources? you bet, I bought two.

pela is doing amazing things for the community, & for the planet. their products are made from flax & microorganisms, they are free of BPA, lead, cadmium and phthalates too. the goal of this company is to reduce plastic waste, decrease the dependence on fossil resources, & lessen greenhouse gas emissions. you can even upcycle worn out phone cases & trade it in for a brand new case.

pela, you're amazing.


I recognize that these are very small steps, there is a lot of work to be done by the collective. however, it starts with you! choosing more environmentally friendly products & gently introducing these products to your friends & family can hopefully start a larger-scaled shift towards a more sustainable planet. we only have one earth, let's treat it with the kindness & respect it deserves!

thank you for reading.

with love,


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